about tali

Tali Blankfeld

nyc based photographer


Originally from Brazil, Tali grew up in Texas; after spending a few years in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, Tali currently resides in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Every time she moves to a new city or goes on a trip, she makes it a point to get to know her environment by roaming around and getting a little lost. She’s stumbled into friendly Peruvian natives wrapped in colorful handmade scarves in the mountains of Cusco. She’s tasted the warm, freshly made bread handed to her by a sweet, old Italian baker after poking her head into his tiny Soho bakery in the middle of the night. She lives for experiencing and documenting these spontaneous moments as a photographer, mainly focusing on environmental portraits. The camera gives her the opportunity to be a storyteller of the many characters that fill our world. Tali has a Bachelor’s Degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.